Welcome to MokshKarma

Mokshakarma is a knowledge pool of qualified pundits and astrologers, who have come under the able guidance of
Pt. Lokendra Sharma and Pt. Siddhant Dwivedi to help you seek solutions and find spiritual well being.


Sacred Sect of Pundits

Mokshkarma is a sincere effort to help you find spiritual and astrological guidance. The service is dedicated to facilitate all types of vedic pujas at your home, with correct procedures and the best knowledge of this science.

Putting this thought into practise, we have brought together a select group of highly educated pundits who hold a 3 year bachelors degree in vedas (Shastri), or a 2 year masters degree in vedas (Acharya), from India’s top sanskrit universities. These pundits are well versed with the correct rituals and pronunciation of mantras, which is essential in order for them to derive the maximum benefit from a puja.

Elite group of Astrologers

Mokshkarma has some of the best astrologers in the country, whose work is regularly published in leading newspapers and journals. These astrologers have formal training in vedic astrology and hold degrees in jyotish acharya and jyotish alankar, graduation and post-graduation, respectively.

Our Astrologers are well-versed and have multifaceted knowledge in different methodologies of prediction, namely vimmshotari, char dasha, nadi paddhati and the bhrigu system. This has not only helped them predict accurately, but has also earned them respect for their work and their contribution to this science.